Nicoleta Manolache

Natural Health Practitioner

Nicoleta Manolache, Natural Health Practitioner at Vincennes

About Me

nicoleta manolache natural health practitioner

During my past 15 years I have developed my professional experience around three main interests : the personal development, the entrepreneurship and the multicultural exchanges.

Five years ago I decided to complete my career path around the self-fulfillment of the individual integrating in the same time a former passion – the natural medicine.

During four years I followed the classes at « Dargère-Univers » School founded my PV Marchesseau – also known as the founder of the Naturopathy in France.

Today the Certification as Natural Health Practitioner allows me to accompany people in Prevention and Health Optimisation.


Naturopathy is a holistic medicine which provides tools to help stimulate our body's intelligence to heal himself and in the long term maintain a harmonius
intégration of Body, Mind and Spirit.

The main 4 tools are :



Since 2015 I have been practicing :

  • Diet and Nutrition conselling
  • Exercise and fitness counselling
  • Californian massage (relaxation)

People who came to see me, of all age, were looking for solutions at weight , skin, digestive, circulation problems but also  wanted to work on emotional blockage and on thinking patterns.

The session can be in french, english or romanian.

The first session takes in general 2 to 2h30.

The fee per session  is 70 EUR.

Make an appointment

magnetism session vincennes

Magnetism Session

Naturopathy 1st session vincennes

Naturopathy 1st session

Relaxation session vincennes

Relaxation session
(californian massage)


Centre Sérénité

16 Avenue de Paris
94300 Vincennes

Subway : 1, château de Vincennes


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